Andrew Bovingdon

Andrew Bovingdon

Toastmaster and Voice Professional

Graduate & Member of The UK School of Professional Toastmasters, affiliated to the Toastmasters General Council.

I am Toastmaster Andrew Bovingdon (Andy B) – your Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies for, ‘Build Your Empire.’ It gives me great pleasure to co-ordinate and announce the day’s events and activities, act as a highly visible point of contact and undertake a range of supportive duties. I will ensure the day flows seamlessly so you can all relax and enjoy the day networking, getting your message out there and enjoying time with visitors.

Dressed in familiar red tail-coat and white tie, you will be able to see me clearly should you have questions about the day. I wield a gavel and a powerful voice, so you will be able to clearly hear what’s happening and where you need to be next. 

 I am a ‘voice artist,’ public speaker, announcer, compere and story-teller with a great sense of humour, drama and adaptability. I love meeting and working with people to create great entertaining and memorable events that are the best they can be. I will wear what works for your event - red tailcoat, suite, smart casual and even fancy dress. I can be as formal or informal as you wish!  

As a Toastmaster I assist and advise with aspects of event planning and take great pride in working collaboratively and in consultation with you to create your perfect day. Wedding receptions, business dinners , receptions and charity events are my core business but I am happy to support at other event types. My rates are reasonable, so if you think I can assist – please ask for a free initial consultation; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

Mobile: 07721 475750

E Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: ToastmasterandybWholeheartedly

 Andy B Andrew Bovingdon