Why Collaboration?

How does Collaboration work?



Written by Gill Tiney 

Being in business can be lonely. We have to wear many hats, keep up with the latest trends and eventually we get to do the thing we love. But year by year it seems to be getting tougher.

They told us technology would make life easier - it is always the latest app that promises the earth and just delivers confusion. What would it feel like to be part of a community that wanted YOU to WIN?

A group of people who shared their knowledge, created opportunities, and helped you to succeed.That is what good collaboration feels like.

No longer alone, part of something bigger, supported, trusted and valued. It is so simple and yet so rare. Come and find out how to change your business around by using collaboration as your most powerful asset.


Pop Connect

Written by Katherine Phillips

I believe in collaboration very strongly. I think it is healthy and vital in business. Although our networking groups are a loose lock out (letting the members decide if someone is a clash) we thoroughly encourage collaboration through a Facebook group for members of all twelve groups.

People with businesses can offer their clients more when they collaborate with others with similar or complimentary businesses. I also believe you learn so much from others in business and collaborating really helps you keep on learning and improving.

A very solitary business isn’t likely to grow as fast as one that embraces collaboration.  

Claire Evans

The Centre of Wellbeing

Written by Claire Evans

Living in fullness The Centre of Wellbeing Develop Insite CIC 

It is interesting that the dictionary defines this word as shared action to produce something.

For me, collaboration is nothing about doing or producing! I would define it as a natural state of being…  

Everything in the natural world collaborates instinctively.

It is not something to do, it is who we are. Significantly, collaboration lies at the heart of all relationships including business and enterprise.

Collaboration is fluid, it allows for all to benefit and it thrives when there is a bigger picture benefit as a by-product.

Like the humble bee, it enjoys being a bee, it collaborates with other bees to make honey for the benefit of the Queen and her hive and as a by-product, it cross pollinates the planet!

It is not about gain or win, collaboration is the energy of following what feels good with people that feel the same way. The outcome is more about purpose than product, more about vision than goal.

Since the Industrial Revolution, we have moved further and further away from this type of working together, we have become consumers and competitors…

With the rise in entrepreneurial thinking and the opportunities of a global market at our fingertips today, collaboration is coming to the fore. 

This is an amazing time to be alive! The dawn of the age of collaboration!

  Mick Hull

Big Business Events

Written by Mick Hull

Collaborations make sense for many reasons.

To reach out to a bigger audience, allowing you to build your network - Your Network is your Net-Worth.

Help you grow faster and more profitably with reduced marketing costs, more opportunity to do business.

Offer your clients more products and services increasing without the cost of expansion, increasing client retention and opportunity.

Makes business fun, you don't have to do it alone, together we are stronger.Learn from your partners to allow you to improve both of your businesses