Erkan Ali

Erkan Ali

Creator & Co-Founder of BeCollaboration

BeCollaboration is a leading organisation in the Art & Practice of Collaboration, they have a unique approach to bringing together talent and technical ability for the benefit of all involved. 

Erkan sites Culture & Values at the top of the list when it comes to the successful collaboration of individuals, what this makes available is inspiring and creates value beyond the predictable.  

Erkan’s Specialties; Talks, Programs, challenging & cutting edge engagement.He is known for; Transforming Lives and leaving people feeling Inspired & FREE!

As Creator & Co-Founder of BeCollaboration & Business Performance Coach Erkan works closely with business owners who are looking to take their organisation to the next level, he shows business owners how they can identify assets that are hidden within their organisations and how to capitalise on decades of hard work by bringing out the true value of their business, in essence a performance jump in them and their team., a members organisation, dedicated to business & personal growth, he also co-host’s the Journey of Possibility PODCAST.