Make Your Website a Lead Magnet

Make Your Website a Lead Magnet with Chris Coyne

10 Free Ways to Make Your Website Act as a LEAD MAGNET

There are many more than 10 ways, of course, but Chris Coyne takes you through the ‘ten least techie tips’.

You don’t need to be a coder or expert just someone who is in search of a practical solution.

These are things we can all do to our websites and marketing communications to transform them from ineffective things of beauty into powerful magnets that attract our target market. The people that would quite likely buy from us.

Join Chris and put a bit of time into freshening up your on and off-site customer communications.

Chris Coyne brings over 30 years of marketing and sales success to this session. He’s held board-level positions in marketing, CRM and sales functions and worked for large multi-nationals as well as local SMEs. His experience covers consumer products, business-to-business services, software and medical products.