Pop Connect

I started Pop Connect in late 2015 after identifying a need for a more relaxed style of networking than the groups I had attended or joined for my other businesses. I wanted something that felt authentic, more natural and fun as well as good for business. I wanted meetings that felt comfortable whether you have never networked before or are a seasoned networker. It shouldn't feel like a chore attending the monthly meeting, it should be a pleasure. The groups offer incredible support and encouragement as well as helping you grow your business through building relationships and through interacting with the services of the other professionals in the group. This is all due to the wonderful people who have joined Pop Connect. We now have 9 all women and 3 mixed groups, all in Essex and Herts, with between 15 and 30 members in each group.

Membership costs £199 annually and then a £20 monthly attendance fee so is not expensive compared to most other structured groups. You can choose to take double membership if you are involved in more than one business and there is an informal buffet style lunch so you can chat freely and move around towards the end of the meeting. We also have amazing Facebook groups where members can interact, network and collaborate with members of other Pop Connect groups as well as the group or groups they are in. I’m so grateful to everyone for their support in growing Pop Connect and look forward to offering members even more value for money as we continue.

Katherine Phillips