Facebook Group Networking Herts & Essex

Networking Herts & Essex is a Facebook group where literally the group is going LIVE and having a Live Event so profiles are transformed into real people! 

Meet people you've been having conversations with for ages, you may only know them through their logo! 

If you don't meet them open networking over a coffee we have a brilliant Network Session Waiting For You. 

The group is a genuine network group, not an ad group and this event is being run in the same way.

 We have really good speakers to help guide us on our business journey.

Covering everything from why we need to understand what are we working towards, how we find the right customers, cost effective solutions to make us memorable to our customers and potential customers. 

How our websites can become lead magnets. 

Helen Vandenberghe will helping us to understand why we shouldn't doubt our worth, why our products and services are worth what we need to charge. 

Jeff Spires The Science of Motivation! Do you allow yourself self doubt? Do you hesitate and let yourself drift off to social media then wonder why you are working silly hours and haven't achieved your goals. Jeff sets us up with a tool kit of tactics and strategy to keep us on track.

Two Specialist Panels one for GDPR you'll be able to ask all those questions you you have floating around in your head after reading pages and pages of literature to learn about what you should be doing! In fact have you even started to read about how GDPR will affect your business?

The second panel is to gain a better understanding of Collaboration. Often we try to wear too many hats and overstretch ourselves in hope of expansion when it actually takes away time from what we are good at. Growing your business with collaboration is quite often the simplest way to a be effective.

It would be really great to see you on the 26th April 2018, the tickets are just £10 parking is FREE and Tea and Coffee is available all day long. We open at 9.30am For more details scroll down.